Attention please: construction site "globalization" - they forgot the people, I suppose! There are a hell of a lot more, but we're all too busy defending ourselves to look. That was 2011. 2019 we can only be disgusted, how our politicians - don't you dare mention the word "elite" - are ruining our planet by doing NOTHING whatsoever!

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Where globalization means, as it so often does, that the rich and powerful now have new means to further enrich and empower themselves at the costs of the poorer and weaker, we have a responsibility to protest in the name of universal freedom. Nelson Mandela / If you're totally illiterate and living on one dollar a day, the benefits of globalization never come to you. Jimmy Carter / Reliable data on the outsoucing of jobs is sorely missing from the debate on globalization. Dan Lipinski / Imperialism or globalization I don't have to care what it's called to hate it. Bill Ayers / I like globalization; I want to say it works, but it is hard to say that when six hundred million people are slipping backwards. Paul Wolfowitz / For when we talk about the spreading power and influence of globalization, aren't we really referring to the spreading economic and military might of the US? Fredric Jameson / Globalization is incredibly efficient but also so far incredibly unjust. Pascal Lamy / Today's terrorism is not the product of a traditional history of anarchism, nihilism, or fanaticism. It is instead the contemporary partner of globalization. Jean Baudrillard / The greatest weapon of mass destruction is corporate economic globalization. Kenny Ausubel / The negative side to globalization is that it wipes out entire economic systems aund in doing so wipes out the accompanying culture. P.L.Berger / We have to choose between a global market driven only by calculations of short-term profit, and one which has a human face. Kofi Annan. There is a growing consensus that globalization must now be reshaped to reflect values broader than simply the freedom of capital. John Sweeny / We cannot continue to pollute the atmosphere, poison the ocean and exhaust the land. There isn't any more available. Stephen Hawking / The cheapest energy is what you don't use. Arthur Rosenfeld / Global warming threatens our health, our economy, our natural resources, and our children's future. It is clear we must act. Eliot Spitzer / America has not led but fled on the issue of global warming. J.K.Kerry / Global warming causing climate change may be the ultimate issue that unites us all. L.Burfitt-Dons / China was asleep during the Industrial Revolution. She was just waking during the Information Technology Revolution. She intends to participate fully in the Green Revolution. C. H. Tung

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